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The Blouse is the vital part of saree, which makes the saree elegant and graceful. The relation between Sarees as Indian women is that of a love affair that has been maintaining since time perpetuity and holds just as strong even today. Sarees are an epic tale of grace, tradition, confidence and sensuality all wrapped in one. The Blouse is the other equal half of sarees, and without Blouse, there is no use of sarees.

The Blouse is what really makes any saree to be easily noticeable from the crowd. Ladies pay the lot of attention to their blouse designs and wish it to be an adjournment. From the neckline to the sleeves and back, Embroidery blouse designs have numerous types and styles, but opt a single one to wear with saree is may be a task for ladies. So to make it easier to choose the perfect one, here we have several designs of embroidery blouse designs in unique styles and types.

Some Amazing Embroidery Blouse Designs:

1) Cutwork Embroidery Blouse Designs


 The Cutwork Embroidery Blouse designs are generally those Blouse in which the gorgeous patterns are formed by cutting the fabric in designs. You can be made these kinds of blouse designs on the back neck, sleeves and also on a yoke. Cutwork embroidery blouse designs can be worn with any type of saree, whether it is chiffon and sarees.

2) Threadwork Embroidery Blouse Designs


Threadwork embroidery blouse designs are flexible or versatile. These kinds of blouse span from exquisite hand embroidery to machine embroidery and can be worn on any occasion with all kinds of lehengas or sarees. From simple embroidery designs of the Blouse to complicated embroidery, you can design a blouse that is trendy or even ethnic as per your choice.

3) Pearl Embellished Embroidery Blouse Designs 


Pearl embellished embroidery blouse designs are latest in trend and are looking fabulous at weddings. Numerous ladies or even brides have to choose the pearl embroidery back neck blouse designs to wear with their chiffon or net sarees. This one has enchanting designs which are very much in trend currently.

4) Lace Embroidery Blouse Designs


Lace embroidery blouse designs are graceful and gives the elegance to sarees. These kinds of embroidery blouse designs can be worn with any of your favourite saree and give the stunning and gorgeous look at weddings and other occasions.

5) 3D Embroidery Blouse Designs


The 3D patterns blouse designs are the most elegant and classy kind of blouse designs. If you are seeking for blouse embroidery designs with 3D patterns, then these amazing Blouse will offer you fabulous idea on the type of embroidery you can accomplish on your Blouse. These kinds of blouse neck embroidery designs look exquisite on lehengas and net sarees.

6) Gotta Patti Embroidery Blouse Designs


In wedding wear attires the Gota Patti embroidery blouse designs have seen a massive spike because of its captivating and sparkle beauty. The Gota Patti Embroidery is most usual in lehengas and can also be made on blouse embroidery to wear with any of your beautiful saree.

If you are a saree lover, then these trendiest embroidery blouse designs amaze you with their elegance and beauty. These charming blouse designs can lift up the style of the simplest of sarees and are widely loved by ladies of all ages. So must choose these hottest trending blouse designs that will amp up your saree look.

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