How To Choose A Perfect Saree For Your Body Type

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Every Indian woman loves sarees. Sarees are one of the most vestiary ethnic outfits that every Indian lady loves to drape for special occasions like festivals, weddings, and fancy events. The fabulous nine yards and elegance followed with a wide range of fabric stylish such as georgette, cotton, chiffon, silk, and many more, along with the alluring designer prints and an array of colors to choose from, you can completely experiment with the signature ethnic look and up your charm effortlessly. If you wish to know how to choose a perfect saree for your body type then here we mention some ways that will help you to opt perfect saree for you.

Sarees never go out of trend and wearing one can make you an instant hit on a whole range of occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or petite, skinny or curvy, thin or plump sarees suit every body type. But sometimes it becomes vital to choose the right saree as per your body type to look more elegant and beautiful.

Sarees are to boost your natural elegance in the best possible way. Saree is a piece of cloth that is a must-have in a women’s closet. This ethnic Indian outfit has always been a quintessential part of Indian wear. But, to choose the right saree for your body type is an art. A wrong saree can make your look dull, short, and even fat. So it is always wise to opt for a saree that compliments your body type in the best possible manner. So here we highlight some of the common tips to keep in mind before you opt for your next saree.

So Let’s See The Ways To Choose A Perfect Saree For Your Body Type:

1) For Slim Figured Lady


Every woman wishes to have a slim figure, so if you have one then be happy because most of the heavy sarees will look immeasurable on your body. But still, there are some things to keep in mind before opting for a saree. Slim figure women should go for Banarasi Silk Sarees, Heavy designer sarees and Cotton sarees, with heavy work. You should avoid georgette and crepe sarees because they will make you appear stick thin.

2) For Pear Shaped Body


The pear shape is a natural shape of most Indian women. Those who have a pear-shaped body are petite from the upper body but have heavier bottom same as a pear. If you have a curvy pear-shaped body go for georgette and chiffon sarees because they stick to your body and boost the natural curve. But never try to drape the saree too tight because the mermaid cut will make you look fat.

3) For Over-weighted Body


If you are over-weighted then there is no need to worry because there is a right saree for your body type too. You should choose Chiffon, crepe, silk, and crepe fabric because they cover your body and make your look slim. To look flawless you can also go for dark colors but with small print or delicate design. You need to avoid cotton sarees because they can make you look fat and won’t drape correctly around your body.

4) For Voluptuous Body


The voluptuous body is a blend of the toned and curvey body who can carry georgette, chiffon in the best possible manner. To add hotness to your ethnic look, opt dark color saree that can make you look slim. The plus-size trend will come to your rescue even if you do not stick thin. The entire motive of having plus size fashion is to make sure that women with voluptuous figures can flaunt their curves in style.

5) For Tall And Slim Body


For women having tall stature and slim waist, you are lucky enough to flaunt a zillion style effortlessly. Feel free to pick any type of embroidered sarees and fabrics such as cotton, khadi, and silk. These fabrics will add some curves around you and also be wary of the draping style. The taller and slim women can carry off heavy borders well. You can also pick for big bold prints in a medley of colors, as it serves to distract the attention from your height.

6) For Short Heightened Body


If you are short heightened then get ready for some tips to look taller. The dark color is perfect to choose so pick them. Then stay away from wide borders. Opt for long sleeves when it is about blouses. A lighter fabric will make you look taller because it will wrap around your waist right. Thick fabric will not sit as well and can make you look a little shorter and even broader.


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