How to Dress to Look Thinner in a Kurti

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Kurti has always been a woman’s favorite piece of clothing in India. A wardrobe without a kurti is incomplete. Every woman wants to embrace their curves on special days be it a birthday, anniversary, or festival. It enhances the overall beauty of the women. But, not everyone is born with those perfect curves.  There are many ways that can make a lady look slimmer in a kurti. There are many hacks that will create an illusion of a slim body and will make you look adorable in a kurti. A woman has various options for a kurti, be it Anarkali, long kurti, short kurti, or more. These kurtis can be styled and accessorized in a way that a woman looks slimmer. Styling a kurti does not require any complex steps but looking thinner in a kurti requires some steps that need to be followed.

In this article, you will get to learn the hacks that will make you look thinner. Let us have a look at some of the hacks, which will make you look slim and stunning in no time. 

Hacks to Look Thinner in a kurti

1. Choose the Right Fit 

It is very important to buy an appropriate size of a kurti. No matter how beautiful the garment is, the border, or the embroidery. The garment could be a waste if you are not going for the right size. The appropriate size will make your curves shine. Do not go for the oversized length as it will make you appear bigger, always choose the size according to your body type. If you are going for anarkali style, then 48 inches of length is a good choice.  

    2. Opt for Vertical Prints or Patterns. 

    Checks and horizontal lines should be avoided. This should be done to create an illusion of your height. Always go for vertical prints and patterns which will make you look thinner. Vertical prints are the best choice for any woman who wants to look thin without shedding any extra fat. Floral prints are also in trend and make you look stunning and avoid bulkiness. The traditional prints also give you an ideal appearance.

      3. Choose Flattering Fabrics 

      The fabric you choose should be capable enough to make you look slim. Fabrics like lycra and spandex are a big no when it comes to creating an illusion of looking slimmer. These will lower your confidence and can expose your flaws. A good fabric with a well-fitted size could do wonders. The best choices of fabrics could be cotton, chiffon, and silk fabrics that will make you look like a diva. 

        4. Always go for Dark Colors

        To create a look in which you do not feel conscious and look a few kilograms lower, opt for a dark color kurti. The dark color hides any bumps and bulges to create a slimmer look. The monochromatic look can also do wonders, it minimizes visual breaks. Black, Blue, purple, and brown could be some of the dark colors that can enhance your overall look. 

          5. Pair with the Right Bottom 

          Choosing a well-fitted and designer kurti is not enough. Pairing it up with the right pair of bottoms also needs to be done perfectly. You can choose a churidar if you think your waist area is slim. But if not, you can opt for a Patiala salwar. This will make you look taller and slim at the same time. Do not wear baggy lowers, it will add unwanted volume.

            6. Pay Attention to Accessories 

            Wearing a kurti is not enough, it requires additional accessories to look beautiful. Accessorize your kurti with apt jewelry, footwear, and more. Do not go for heavy jewelry and pay attention to minute details. If you have a heavy or chubby face, then choose minimalist jewelry like medium-sized earrings. Stud earrings are fine for heavy neck. 

              To look taller and slimmer, pair your outfit with heels. You can go for pencil heels, wedge heels, or thin heels. 

              7. Experiment With Layering 

              You can also create an elongated feel by layering up your style. Adding a layer does not give a proper view of your body. You can layer up with shrugs, jackets, or scarf. But always keep in mind to choose a thin and flattering fabric while going for any shrug or jacket. Like this, you can also downplay your heavier bust. 

                8. Confidence is the Key 

                All you have to do is outshine by embracing your body shape and size. You can wear anything beautiful but it will only shine once you have confidence in your body language. Always stand up straight and do not have slouched shoulders. Wear your mindset and confidence with you and make the best out of it. Have the right attitude irrespective of your body, shape, or size. Make your statement by presenting the best confidence among people. 


                  However, looking good does not only involve outer perfection but also demands inner confidence and attitude. These tips and tricks will only work if you challenge your inner confidence. So, these were some of the best hacks to look beautiful and thinner in a kurti at the same time. 

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