How to wear Chiffon Sarees?

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Saree is considered as the most traditional Indian outfit. If carried with style & pride, it give a pretty gorgeous appearance to the entire look. It is to be noted that women from royal families often seen wearing Chiffon sarees as a symbol of pride, honor & respect.

There are several collections of Chiffon Saree that one can explore easily from. Not only these can be used for daily wear but also for formal ones which can easily be used for sophisticated office wear.

There are several women who have flaunted their love for this very piece of Indian clothing. Indian markets are overcrowded with thousands of available prints that women can easily shop their favorite latest collection.

One can easily find Leheriya, Printed chiffon sarees in Bandhani, Tie or dye prints as well as other artistic designer sarees.

Tips to put on Chiffon Saree :

  1. Depending on your height choose a chiffon saree with a floral print. For those with short height, choose smaller prints. Tall ones can carry off the bold floral prints.
  2. There should be no embellishments like embroidery or sequins on the saree.
  3. The color of the brocade border should be lighter than the body of the saree, in silver or gold with a pattern reflecting the color of the saree.
  4. When working with printed chiffon saris, choose a finer allover print rather than a bold design so that the pattern does not compete with the border to get every attention.
  5. You could also add a plain border in little contrast to the saree color.
  6. Don’t fold multiple pleats and wear chiffons, as a single pleat elevates the saree look.
  7. A princess-cut high blouse would be the best to wear when you go for the single pleat NO plunging necklines either in the front nor at the back side!
  8. Jewelry should be minimal and the saree looks best when it is worn in the day time.

The Glory of this fabric is known worldwide due to its easy manageability & versatility. With these simple tips, wear your chiffon saree with pride, ease & comfort.