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In Monsoon season, tight fit clothes cling to your body when they’re wet. It’s never easy to go about work in this extreme weather condition.  Monsoon in India brings happiness to every hearts as the season is not-so-hot & not-so-cold. People choose to wear different stylish clothes during this time of the year yet bright colors are the most trending ones at this time.

Today, we’ve again come up with some tips on what to wear this monsoon.  These monsoon wear clothes will allow you to play with various fabrics, silhouettes & hues which are in trend and also helps in giving you a fresh new look in this playful season. So, find your comfort zone & pick up the best combination of outfits to look attractively gorgeous. Draw a perfect complete balance between your couture & comfort!

1.  Saree is all about style

Go for a trendy one!


Though we do not advice you to wear sarees this season yet wedding or engagement, reception parties call for a bit of prosperousness. As monsoon being the forerunner of party season, you got to stock up right for all of your events. We would suggest you prefer this Light Blue Shiny Silk Saree that is available with us with a hint of embroidery work on it. This calls for a suitable monsoonal outfit for making you heads turn wherever you go.

2. Go with florals


Be a floral frenzy!

Flower prints are always in demand whether on or off the season. For this, not-so-hot & not-so-cold season you must try dresses that have floral prints. Keep yourself away from prints & fabrics that tend to bleed when they’re wet. Instead, choose bright hues & cheer up the gloomy weather with some bright florals. Go for pretty tops in light florals for getting an extra dash of brightness in your cupboard!

3. A Chiffon Chic is the best

Creating a natural flowy silhouette which is quite a reminiscent of rain drizzle drops, a chic in chiffon happens to be one of the most comfortable fabrics that are easy to wash off & also dried up quickly in this wet weather.  Go with this fabric for most of your events. This is also wonderful for all formal occasions as well as well carried at your workplace.

4. High & Lows

Long dresses like long shrugged Kurtis, long-skirts/ tunics & sarees are a big NO in this rainy season as they get dirty with the moment you hit the streets. Always go for some bright looking happy colors like monochrome, cherry, fresh light red, teal or sea shades paired with hues like green, blue, beige & yellow. All these shades of outfits are pop-out colors that look great when it comes about clothing & accessories.

So, prefer a good combo of high waist Kurti with low waist jeans and let the rain have its moment when it finally manages to peek out.

5. Short Hemlines Outfits


The season calls for shorter hemlines with sheer practicality with it. Printed dresses look extremely beautiful in this season. Create a boho look with scarves, cooler accessories along with flat eristics. With this, waterproof accessories do wonders in providing you a more glamorous look this rainy season.

This is all about women’s wardrobe. It’s not only dresses but you also need to choose the right accessories that work best according to the season. The season can be pretty messy for you so it is all about keeping that grunge out & gorgeousness in.

Happy rainy season & enjoy the monsoon!