Tassel Designs for Your Traditional Outfits

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Adding tassels to your outfit can make a huge difference especially when it is an Indian traditional outfit. Tassels are also known as ‘Kuchu’ in many regions. These small details can be found on the sleeves of a suit, the waistline of a lehnga, the border of a saree, or on the end of a tie. Tassels are usually made from beads, threads, plastic, pompoms, etc. They add a lively touch to outfits and make them more attractive. 

You can match tassels with your outfit or choose contrasting colors instead. Adding tassels to an outfit makes a simple outfit into something special. They reflect the rich tradition and craftsmanship of Indian culture. Here are some tassel design ideas that you can try to enhance your look.

List of The Top Tassel Designs

  1. The Playful Peacock
The Playful Peacock

Imagine wearing a tiny version of the prettiest and most colorful bird. You can use a small peacock as a tassel. It will give a royal and elegant look to your dress. Adding some beautiful beads and crystals around the tassels will give your dress a more creative look. Your simple-looking dress will be turned into a perfect special occasional dress such as for weddings and festivals. 

  1. Leafy and Flower Delicate 

Adding delicate leaf and flower tassels to your traditional outfits can create a beautiful and elegant look. These delicate decorations look great on light fabrics like chiffon kurtis or georgette salwar-suit. You can use ready-made acrylic flowers, leaves, and vines to create tassels by yourself along with the use of fabric and beads. 

  1. The Perfect Matching Tassels

 If you want to add tassels that match perfectly with your dress, you can cut the fabric of your dress and make some simple but elegant tassels or use pompoms. This way you can make good use of your leftover fabric. 

  1. Silk Tassels

Silk tassels are created from fine silk threads. The softness and elegant look of these tassels are the reason why they are popular among Indian women. They are mostly used in traditional fits like lehengas, sarees, and salwar suits. Silk tassels often have fancy designs or pretty stitching on them which makes them popular choice for bridal wear and festival attire. 

  1. Embroidered Tassels 

If you want to create a remarkable look at a festival or a party,  you can use embroidered tassels.  These are fancy decorations made by sewing detailed designs onto threads. These tassels usually have patterns like flowers, animals, and other things that give them a nice look. 

  1. Contrast Tassels

If you want to create a bold look then you can add contrast tassels. You can create these tassels using fabric that contrasts with the color of your dress.

  1. Metallic Gold Shimmers

To create such kind of tassels, metallic gold thread is used. These shimmering tassels give a very rich look to your outfit. Adding tassels with the same metallic thread dori helps in creating an elegant blouse look. 

  1. Metallic Silver Shimmers

These tassels are the same as metallic gold shimmers but silver shimmers are used in them instead of gold ones. 

  1. Fringe Tassels

Fringe tassels are like a bunch of thin threads tied together at one end. They create a fringed look and are commonly used to decorate the borders of sarees, scarves, etc. They are considered one of the best tassels choice among traditional fit lovers. 

  1. Delightful Florals

Floral Tassels are something that you need to try. Fabric petals are stitched together to make these floral tassels. These tassels help to create a unique look with an Indian traditional touch. 

  1. Thread and Patch Cocktail

With small fabric patches and colorful threads, these elegant tassels are created. These tassels are used to make traditional outfits like sarees, lehngas, and dupattas look extra stylish. 

  1. Flowers and Bells

Tassels with small bells and flower gives elegant look to your dress. These types of tassels with small bells are commonly used in traditional Indian attires especially made for dance performances and festivals. These bell tassels are often added on garments like lehnga, waist belts, etc. 

  1. Beaded Ethinc Intricacy

Beaded tassels are made by combining beads and threads. These kinds of tassels are in saree blouses on the backside or on the corner of the pallus of a saree. These tassels help in creating a beautiful ethnic look. The beads can be of different colors and sizes. 

  1. Mirror Work Tassels

Mirrorwork tassels are like little hanging decorations for your clothes but with tiny mirrors attached. When these tassels shine because of light, they create a fancy look with their sparkle. These tassels come in many mirror shapes. You can use round mirror work tassels, or diamond mirror work tassels that are commonly used in Indian traditional outfits. 

These are some stylish tassel ideas. You can create many beautiful traditional outfit looks with the use of these tassels. 

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