What To Wear To Keep Yourself Gorgeous And Warm In Winter Weddings

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Winter season has officially arrived & is in its highest peak. All of us know that it’s quite chilly outside and in this chilling winters one needs to fully cover up to keep warm. With the dropping down of temperatures day-by-day, leaves changing and heavy snowfall, there are even more romantic opportunities for breathtaking wedding functions in this cold chilling season. But that doesn’t mean bundling up with more & more layers of clothes. We all need to look good while we’re up with unflattered garments. But actually, especially for ladies, it becomes quite a difficult task to dress up for wedding functions.

Who wants to be cluttered up with lots of sweaters & cardigans in parties over a stunning gown or latest designer saree? But also, nobody wants to fall sick by facing the extreme winter chill fo0r your fashionable apparels.

So, don’t worry ladies.

Your greatest confusion of what to wear for winter weddings, here are some simple yet useful tips. Follow these up to look stunning while being warm up in the events/ parties in cold season.

Layer up your outfits

Layer up your outfits

Layering doesn’t mean you pick up a scarf or a jacket randomly & put them on. It doesn’t have to be practical as all the layers need to match your outfits. Carrying an excellent jacket over your traditional wear is quite a huge trend in cold weddings. This has been actually making rounds in the world of fashion. From designer sari, trendy lehenga to Anarkali suits or gown, one can pair up anything they wish to. A pashmina shawl can be perfectly matched up to your sari that you’re going to wear at the wedding party. Well, use this to your highest advantage while choosing heavier fabrics over your cotton outfits.

Go for full sleeves

full sleeves

As it is very cold outside & the temperature has down up to 5 degrees Celsius. In this case, full sleeves are considered as the most important weapons that help in keeping the cold at bay. This also makes you look stylish enough on the event. Apart from this, one can also opt for thermal leggings under your sexy georgette or silk saree to keep warm throughout the wedding. You can wear thermal carnisole under it, if in case you want to wear a latest party wear suit in the event.

Also, make an interesting style statement at the wedding by matching a lovely woolen shawl or a multi-colored stole on your party garments.

Pair your outfit with a jacket

 girl outfit with a jacket

You can also team your outfits with a cute pair of jacket. Weddings in winter can be cheered up with a pop of different colors. If you love wearing western outfits in wedding events to keep yourself warm, you have a great deal of options like a cute jacket that matches your outfit perfectly. A long leather coat or a printed jacket with lively shades also helps adding a chic drama to your personality. One can also wear a Khadi stole on your outfit.

Choose the right fabric

Picking up the right winter fabric for weddings & other occasions works well for you to stay warm & fit. In order to feel like a Royal & warm during this season, velvet, woolen & silk are considered as the most important & warm fabrics of winter months. You can easily mix-match a velvet lehenga or can carry a dupatta made of velvet fabric and you’re ready to go.

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Stay warm at the wedding

Drink hot beverages like hot soup, tea or coffee (whichever is available at the wedding) to remain warm at the open environment in the wedding. Hold a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of hot soup in your hands and feel warm. Moreover, dancing is also the best way to keep yourself warm. Warm up your body by taking light hot snacks like pakoras in between to please your taste buds while keeping yourself warm.

Not only can these, but even a small bag (hand purse sized), gloves, and scarf add natural life to neutral outfits.  So, all those fashionista, stay tuned with us for latest updates. Prefer these useful tips & tricks to make yourself warm while looking super stylish at the events.