Different Types of Sarees in India

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In India, Saree is one of the oldest Ethnic Traditional Dresses for women. Saree is said to be the most graceful attire of women, all the women in India wear it, and it beautifully covers the entire body of women. Indian women look stunning when draped in saree.

Time has passed, but the glamour of this stunning and astonishing attire has not faded. There are different types of sarees in India with different fabrics that can be worn occasionally and casually.

  1. Pure Pandora Silk Sarees


Pure Pandora Silk Sarees are heavy in weight and worn occasionally, especially in parties and weddings. These sarees are crafted with Resham work, Sequins work, Zari work, Embroidery, Patchwork, and Stonework. Pure Pandora silk sarees come with the matching pure dupion fabric and look stunning while worn on any occasion.

   2. Lyrca Sarees


Lyrca sarees are one of the most stunning and comfortable sarees. These sarees are made up of a soft fabric that lets your skin breathe easily. Lyrca sarees come in a variety of designs and styles. Lycra sarees are also available with full embroidered work and additional work which include zari work, sequins, beads, thread work and many more. These sarees can be worn on any occasion.

   3. Bandhani Sarees


Bandhani is a type of saree that is made from a unique technique in India. Bandhani sarees come in many fabric such as chiffon, silk, georgette and crepe. These sarees are light in weight and can be worn occasionally and casually. Bandhani sarees give you, the unique and stunning look.

  4. Raw Silk Sarees


Raw Silk is considered as one of the oldest fabric. Sarees made of raw Silk are little different from the pure silk sarees because they have a gummy substance called sericin. The raw silk sarees have their own elegant and stunning charm. These sarees have attractive embroidered work and can be worn on any occasion.

  5. Lehenga Sarees


Lehenga sarees are the unique style of sarees. These are the mixture of Indian classical attires, saree, and lehenga. This is a modern style of saree and can be worn in festivals, parties and weddings. The Lehenga sarees are stitched, and pleats of this saree are pre-made.

   6. Banarasi Silk Saree


Banarasi silk sarees are considered as one of the excellent traditional sarees and, most stunning and beautiful sarees that can be worn in parties and weddings. Banarasi silk sarees gives the royal look, and you will become the center of attraction while wearing the Banarasi silk saree. These sarees come with elegant thread and zari work.

  7. Pochampally Saree


Pochmapally sarees are types of sarees that emerged from the town of Boodhan Pochampally. These sarees come in the cotton and silk fabric with the finest thread work. Pochmapally sarees are light in weight and can be worn casually, or you may also wear these sarees occasionally. The mesmerizing geometric pattern is the most telling sign of these sarees.