How To Look Classy In Silk Sarees

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We can’t deny the fact that silk sarees set the bar for elegance and class to an entirely new level. Sarees exude grace and look beautiful at any event. The key is to drape it correctly, especially since it has a smooth texture and tricky fabric. Know how to look classy in silk sarees at any event or occasion.

Wearing a silk saree with flawless style is not something you can do every day. How often have you seen models and celebrities gracing the elaborate silk in such an effortless way? Have you admired this? Those sarees can also look good if you know all the details ahead of time.

Women from all over the world love to wear sarees made of cotton silk for special events. Not only does cotton silk suit all body types, but it also boosts their appearance in a stunning way. Wearing a silk saree can however make some women appear older. If you are one of them, then you have to admit that the saree has created some of the most luxurious and sensual looks. You can therefore make an impact when you pair it with a fabulous outfit on a special occasion.

Wedding silk sarees can be styled in several ways, but this post discusses the most stylish ways to look fashionable in silk sarees so that you feel more relaxed draped in this 9-yard fabric.

Here Know How To Look Classy In Silk Saree:

1) Opt for the Right Jewelry

A silk saree looks gorgeous when paired with the right jewelry, which not only enhances its charm but also makes you look fashionable. With your saree, you can add a touch of feminine elegance by wearing delicate jewelry. It is important to understand how much jewelry to wear in order to wear the right jewelry. You can wear a heavy necklace and earrings with a wedding look. For a cocktail or a reception party, however, a stylish pair of earrings and necklace would be sufficient to give you a sophisticated look.



2) Wear A Belt With Your Saree

It may be hard to believe, but this look has swept the Indian fashion industry. Over silk sarees, a belt adds all the sassiness that women ought to make a fashion statement. The best way to achieve this look is to drape your saree in a simple style and to add a belt to help cinch your pallu at the waist. The same look can also be created with a Kamar bandh if you prefer something more traditional than this look. If you want to add more zing to this look, wear your saree with an eye-catching blouse.

3) Embrace The Pants Style Drape

A pant-style drape is a popular way to style your saree. The modern way to drape a saree is easy, comfortable, functional, and stylish. This look is being promoted in the best fashion shows by a lot of celebrities and designers, giving it a very modern feel while keeping the traditional touch. In order to achieve this look, wear a saree with pants underneath, draped from one leg, leaving one leg uncovered. The look can be achieved with any silk saree from your collection of printed silk sarees for your next wedding.



4) Wear it like a lehenga

When your silk saree will do the trick, why buy a lehenga? That’s right. The lehenga style is one of the most popular and trendiest ways to wear a saree. The draping style of the saree is quite straightforward to master. The only thing you need to do is continue pleating the entire 6-9 yards. In order to ace the look, however, you must leave a little piece of the saree for your pallu.


5) Wear A Silk Saree With A Kurta

It is quite likely that you came across images of models in short kurtas wearing pure silk sarees online when searching for pure silk sarees. Women want to emulate this iconic look, and it can also enhance their appearance greatly. Your curves will be very subtly hidden with this look, and you’ll look classy too. This look can be achieved by mixing and matching plain silk sarees with heavy work kurtas. In addition, you can combine a plain silk kurta with a heavy work silk saree. Short kurtas are better as they give a more classy look. Complete this look with a heavy pair of earrings!

6) Jacket or Shirt Blouse

Let’s discuss the blouse again. You can replace your long-sleeved blouse with a jacket if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one. Your silk saree attire will instantly become more modern with a jacket or a shirt blouse. Jacket blouses are available in various styles. Pick one that you feel is most suitable for you. Ultimately, the goal is to match the attire with your personal style.

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