Top Indian Suit Neck Designs for Anyone Who Loves Salwar Suits

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Salwar suits are super adaptable and comfortable outfits that are loved by every Indian woman. Whether it’s a wedding, business function, or just a casual get-together, they are ideal for every situation. But the best part about suites is their neck designs. Suit neck designs come in all sorts of cuts and designs. With so many different collar patterns, selecting a suit could be a little difficult. But consider choosing a design that matches the overall style of your suit and is according to your body type. So we have gathered up a list of these neck designs for the ones who love wearing salwar suits.

List of Suit Neck Designs

Here is a list of suit neck designs which can help you to get an idea –

1. V Neck

V Neck

It is not possible that the V-neck design will ever go out of trend. It is because it is considered appropriate to wear anywhere. The basic but attractive neck design is ideal for those with broad shoulders. V-neck designs make you look slim too.  

2. Round Neck

 Round Neck

The round neck design is classic and the oldest choice of Indian women. It is the most loved neck design since it complements every body type and size. For a casual and everyday style, you can go with a slightly wider round neck. However, if you want an attractive style, go with a deep round neck.

3. U Neck

U Neck

The u-neck design gives a simple but elegant look. Just like the round neck, it looks good on almost every body type. You can wear it on many occasions. Adding lace or piping to it can give it a more elegant look. 

4. Square Neck

Square Neck

Whether your salwar suit is simple or fancy, the square-neck design works for all. It makes you look even slimmer. It is the best choice for those with narrow shoulders and a small neckline. It highlights your neck and collarbone. Cotton fabric goes well with square neck designs. 

5. Halter Neck

Halter Neck

If you want to give your salwar suit an Indo-Western look, then you can go with a Halter neck. It looks very stylish and gives a very bold look. It is popular among young people. You can give this design a try to have a bold look. 

6. Asymmetrical Neck Design

Asymmetrical Neck Design

If you want to try something new aside from these front neck designs then you can go with the Asymmetrical neck design. This neck design gives off a very unique and stylish look. This design is in trend these days. You can give it a try for a totally different look. 

7. Boat Neck

Boat Neck

Nowadays boat neck design is in trend that gives off a very classy look. It is perfect for you if you have narrow shoulders. This neck design helps them to look wider and gives an elegant look. 

8. Keyhole Neck

Keyhole Neck

The keyhole neck design is super trendy these days. It is one of   It creates a small keyhole-shaped opening in front of the neck. It gives off a very unique look. It appears simple yet elegant. 

9. Collared Neck

Collared Neck

This collar neck design, originally from men’s fashion, has become super trendy lately. It gives a modern touch to traditional salwar suits. A collared neck is a perfect choice for wearing to the office. 

10. Collar With V Neck Pattern 

Collar With V Neck Pattern 

This neck design is a mix of collar and v-neck designs. Sometimes the collared neck can be uncomfortable to put on. But a small slit in this mixed pattern allows it to be comfortable and you can put it on without needing buttons. 

11. Pot Neck

The pot suit neck design is a classy choice for your salwar suits. This design looks like a pot and gives your outfit a unique look. This design fits perfectly well with printed salwar suits. 

12. Cowl Neck

Cowl Neck

This stylish salwar suit neck design is made by folding the fabric into pleats. It gives a stylish and modern look along with the traditional look. This design covers the neck so it’s better if you wear it in winter.

13. Closed Neck

Closed Neck

The closed neck pattern can make you stand out on any occasion. Adding the buttons to contrast the kameez’s color gives a classy look. It is the perfect choice to wear in the office. 

14. High Neck

High Neck

This suit-neck design is quite popular and provides a classy look. The collar of the design covers the neck perfectly. You can also give it a try to create an elegant look. 

15. Piping Neck

Piping Neck

The piping neck design never goes out of trend. Sometimes it is considered old-fashioned, but it still never fails to give an elegant look.  

16. Embroidered Neck

It is one of the most beautiful neck designs. The embroidery of the neckline gives a royal and majestic look to the salwar suit. It is the best choice to wear a suit with this design at festivals. 

These were a few suit neck designs that can make your simple salwar suit look classy. Create a beautiful look with these neck designs and give a different yet beautiful look to your salwar suit. 

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