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Chhath Puja, a deeply connected and ancient Hindu festival, is celebrated every year. In this festival, we worship the goddess Sun and the expression of respect for the blessing of life. The Chhath Puja is around the corner, and women are seeking something special to honor the energetic atmosphere of Chhath Puja. In these colorful rituals and warm devotion, you find the best way to present yourself in beautiful traditional Chhath Puja outfits. After Diwali, you are confused about what to wear on Chhath Puja, right? Don’t worry, in this blog, we deliver a list of beautiful traditional dresses for Chhath Puja. 

What Color to Wear in Puja Chhath Puja OUTFITS?

We all know that every color holds a place in people’s hearts and also plays a prime role to present any occasion. In Chhath Puja, the selection of colors for your Chhath Puja outfits presents cultural and spiritual significance. There are three prime colors traditionally connected with Chhath Puja and their respective meanings- 

  • Red- Red is an energetic and essential color. It presents purity and is believed to obstruct the blessing of the God Sun, Surya. Along with this, Red is also connected with the feeling of loyalty of Chhath Puja devotees. It also delivers the energy and warmth of the sun, which is the main to this festival, as it is primarily a sun-worshiping ritual. 
  • Yellow- Yellow is also an energetic color that you select for your traditional Chhath Puja dress. It presents hope and positivity. People believe that wearing a yellow outfit helps them to purify the body and soul, and gives them energy for the rigorous fasting and rituals of the pooja. 
  • Saffron or Orange- Saffron or Orange presents the vast spiritual connection between devotees and the god sun. It presents the aspiration for divine blessings and a strong bond with the god Sun, who appraises the source of life and energy 

What Dress to Wear in Puja Chhath Puja OUTFITS

Several beautiful traditional dresses are perfect for your Chhath Puja, you can choose any dress in the list of  Chhath Pooja outfits to present your vibe. 

1. Beautiful Saree-

On the day of Chhath Puja, a saree is the most favorable dress, selected by many women. Saree for Chhath Puja is the perfect choice, there are several colors and fabrics available in the market, such as cotton silk saree, Banarasi saree, Kanjeevaram saree, and many others. You choose according to your interests. Match your saree with trendy blouses, complete your look with heavy jewelry, and add bangles and a bindi to get a proper traditional look. 

2. Stunning Suits- 

In this Chhath Puja festival, you also carry a suit. There are several styles of suits like palazzo suits, dhoti kurta suits, pantsuits, etc. You carry any bottom wear with your simple suits. Along with this, there are many fabrics in suits, like Silk suits, cotton suits, etc. So you select according to your interest. Complete this suit look with a heavy embroidery dupatta and earrings. That gives a perfect festival vibe. 

3. Classy Indo-Western- 

If you don’t like to wear heavy traditional attires or love to wear comfort then Indo-Western outfits are perfect for you. Indo-Western outfits like crop tops, pantsuits, long skirts with shirts, etc. These all are comfort outfits, you choose any Indo-Western outfits that suit your personality. Complete this look with heels and classy earrings. You also carry a watch or clutch to make this look more stunning. 

4. Anarkali Suits- 

We all know that Anarkali suits deliver a classy and stunning look, and are perfect for every festival or occasion. You choose floral print Anarkali suits that are trendy these days, paired with heavy chokers or earrings, that make your Anarkali suit look more beautiful and classy. Anarkali suits are a perfect fit in the list of Chhath Pooja outfits.

These all are beautiful outfit ideas, so you can select any for your Chhath Puja celebration. The beauty of Chhath Puja is not only in its spiritual definition but also in the rich tradition that borders it. The outfits you select for this favorable festival play a prime role in presenting your appreciation and devotion. You select a classic and beautiful saree or a stunning kurta set, remember that the vital colors of red, yellow, and saffron present devotion, purity and spirituality. So express your emotion with beautiful colors and dress on this Chhath Puja.

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