10 Tips for Styling a Saree for Slim and Skinny Women

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Saree has been rooted in the Indian culture and heritage for centuries now. It has been passed on for generations to make it an integral part of Indian heritage. It is a symbol of women’s elegance and beauty. It is worn at many events such as festivals, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Not only Indian females but the saree is also worn by many women from other parts of the world. Saree is not only the symbol of modesty and femininity but it also reflects the respect for elders and inheritance of family values.

A saree suits all the figures. It enhances feminine beauty by complementing all body types. For skinny and slim girls, a saree is a perfect option. 

In this blog, you will get to know some of the amazing tips and tricks for styling a saree for slim and skinny girls out there. 

Tips for Styling a Saree for Slim and Skinny Women 

Here are some of the major tricks that a woman with a slim body can opt for in order to look more gracious and attractive.

1. Choosing Heavy Fabrics 

    It is important to go for heavy fabrics such as heavier cotton, silk, velvet, and brocade. These fabrics will give the illusion of volume and will make the saree look appealing to others. Choosing the right fabric will give the appropriate structure to the body. 

    In case you chose lightweight materials for your saree, you may look even more slim and it will not add the appealing value to your saree. 

    2. Heavy Petticoats / Saree Shapers

      In order to create a heavy look, opt for petticoats. The petticoats will define your overall body structure and will also enhance your curves. You can make your own petticoat with a heavy fabric instead of buying it from the market. Also, avoid wearing any fish-cut design. It will make you look lean. 

      Raw silk and jamewar are good options to wear under plain sarees or even party-wear georgette sarees.

      3. Select Sarees With Horizontal Patterns

        After heavy fabrics and heavy petticoats, it is advised to select the sarees that have horizontal prints on them. It will create the illusion of added weight and broader body type. Keep in mind to avoid the vertical patterns on sarees as they create an elongated illusion of the body. 

        Elevate your fashion quotient by opting for ruffle borders or frilly tiers. 

        4. Go for Broad Borders 

          Always opt for plain sarees with either heavy borders or borders that have floral prints on them. These borders need to fall loosely on your shoulders. These borders help to add the illusion of weight and volume and make the slim body look more filler. 

          If you are already short and petite, then avoid massive borders on sarees. 

          5. Designer Blouses 

            Women need not worry about the overall look if they are wearing a powerful blouse. The volume of your saree could be added with the help of heavily embroidered and designer blouses. These heavily embroidered blouses give a touch of heavy body without giving any unwanted bulkiness. Wearing halter necklines and off-shoulder styles could be a great idea that is much in vogue now. 

            Do not go for any ill-fitted blouses as these will hamper the overall look and make you look lean. 

            6. Go for Bold Colors 

              An effective way to look presentable and attractive in a plain saree is to go for bright and bold colors. Choose red, royal blue, emerald green, and purple as your preferred color. These colors will create a fuller figure look and make you look more elegant. It will also add vibrancy and dimension to your appearance. 

              7. Experiment with Layering 

                Styling is incomplete without an experiment. Elevate your styling with a layer of shrug or jacket and make the best out of your plain saree. Wearing a thin layered and same color shrug over a saree could be a good decision as it helps slim women create a fuller look with added volume. 

                8. Choose The Right Accessories 

                  The best trick to create an overall impressive look is choosing the appropriate jewelry and other accessories. Wear minimal jewelry if the borders of the saree are heavy and fulfilling. You can also opt for waist belts that will cut your body in two halves and create a wider effect. 

                  Do not go for flats. Wearing heels with the saree can add to your height as well as your volume. 

                  9. Drape it in Style 

                    Do not forget to experiment with your draping style. Pick a draping style that enhances your finer points. Slimmer women look more beautiful in Dhoti-style draping and Dupatta-style saree drape. Create an illusion of a broader body type by opting for these draping tricks.

                    10. Celebrate Your Figure 

                      There is no doubt that a saree looks great on every Indian woman regardless of their body type. You just need to pull it off with style and confidence. From opting for a good fabric to draping the saree, if everything is done properly by following the tips and tricks, women can look elegant and attractive at the same time. 


                      Saree is the epitome of beauty for Indian women. But in today’s time, the saree is not only worn by Indian women but many women from foreign countries are also experiencing the beauty of wearing a saree. Therefore, whether it is a slim woman or a woman with a pear-shaped body, all body types can pull it off by following appropriate tricks. So ladies! Walk straight with your head held high and flaunt your sarees. 

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