8 best ideas to Make Dresses From Sarees

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“Saree” is a word that defines the beauty and culture of Indian women. In Indian culture, you can find many types of sarees like Varanasi, Bandhani, Kanjeevaram,paithani, Assam silk, and Kota Doria sarees. This saree defines the different-different culture and old rituals of India, you can wear anything good and pretty on you but when a girl wears a saree it looks fabulous. Many foreigners dream to wear an Indian dresses so when they come to India they must drape an Indian Saree.

Every Indian girl dreams of wearing her mother’s saree. but mom says you cannot handle a saree even if you can walk if you drape a saree. Many girls face these problems and that’s why they cannot wear a saree. But don’t worry, we are here to solve this problem. Nowadays many people find a solution to reuse the old saree to make it into a new dress. There are two benefits of reuse: first, you can easily wear it, and second fulfill the dream of wearing your mother’s saree. And the last one is generation by generation you can pass an old saree of your mother and grandmother. It helps recycle old saree and manage a bond from the old generation to the new generation.

You can easily make dresses from sarees if you know how to stitch. You can start from your home to make a dress, find the right fabric, measure the length and width of your dress, and cut from the saree. If you want some extra work then purchase a matching fabric and some stones to tuck in your dress.

Here are some materials use while making a dress from an old saree-

  • An old saree 
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle or sewing
  • Pins
  • Hem tape
  • Some matching fabrics and stones

First, you measure the length and width of your dress, then cut the right size and shape from the saree of your dress. After doing that you sew them together. You can also sew with your hand if you are not more comfortable than sewing with a machine. If you want sleeves in your dress then cut the sleeves also and swing with the dress. When you complete and properly swing your dress then add the materials you purchase from the market like beads, lace, embroidery, etc. It depends on you, you want your dress to be party wear or classy. and These fabrics make your dress more attractive and pretty. 

There are 8 best ideas to make dresses from sarees-

1. Modern kurta from old saree- 

 Measure the length and width of your old kurtis then cut the saree in the size of your kurti. After that, you sew the kurti and add some buds and lace to them. The neck of the kurti can depend on you, which design you want. Then cut them properly. And if you want a design on the back of your kurti or in your hands then cut them and sew them with a kurta.

2. Anarkali dresses from old Varanasi saree-

Varanasi saree is known as the best hand-crafted design saree. So you can smoothly create an anarkali dress with your Varanasi saree. Simply tie one end of the saree fabric behind your neck and knot the other portion. then loosely around your waist after this make a skirt with many plates over your hips. They are split into two parts: the top and the skirt at the end you sew both. You see that a beautiful Anarkali dress is ready to wear. This is the very simple hack to sew Anarkali from an old varanasi saree.

3. Modern lehenga from old silk saree-

 Many brides in India choose a silk lehenga for their big day. If you also love these silk lehenga for a party then no worries you only need an old silk saree, you can easily get it from your mother’s wardrobe. For making a lehenga and blouse from a silk saree, it’s easy to cut them in two parts, first for blouses, cover the chest and pinup at the back so it looks like a tube top, second you try it around the lower part of the body. just like a lehenga. At the end drop a dupatta over one shoulder to create a unique look to the simple design of lehenga. 

4. Saree as a long skirt-

 If you love wearing a skirt then select three or more color sarees. Cut the straight strips of the sarees and tie them together. Safely attach with a pin and after that sew each strip at an equal length. A fully long skirt is ready, if you want extra fullness then add extra strips.

5. Modern high necklace gown-

 A high-neckline gown is trending nowadays. so you can smoothly create it with a saree. To make this dress, cut the saree in a rectangular shape to make sure that it reaches from the neckline to the wrist. Then fold the fabric double and sew them together. Before sewing, leave the bottom open so you have a place for your head to go through. At the end use a ribbon to wrap around the seam on one side. And tie a ribbon in the middle of the gown.

6. Sleeveless dress from saree-

College and school girls liked this type of dress. So you can easily make it with a saree. Cut the three pieces of saree one for the bodice, the second for the skirt, and the last one for the lining. You Simply sew them together first bodices then the skirt and then the lining. One lining is full to make a simple layer. 

7. Short kurtis-

Shorts and kurtis are the best choices for college and office also. You can make it with your old saree just like a normal kurtis. Cut the correct length and width of the kurti then sew them together. 

8. Off-shoulder frock from saree-

To make an off-shoulder frock, cut them into two parts of the saree for the front and back. When sewing them together you should also add a lace of fabric to use to trim. you add some extra fabric to make this dress more beautiful.

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