Elevate Your look with Crop Top Lehenga: creative styling without dupatta

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An Indian wedding is incomplete without wearing a dramatic lehenga, and there is no one in India who does not like to wear a lehenga once in their life. Wearing a stone and thread work lehenga is good and lovable but their dupattas ruin your plan to dance on the floor. It’s very tricky to manage dupattas, they go to someone’s feet or get stuck in someone’s jewelry. So you think about how to dress your lehenga without a dupatta. Then read this blog, we deliver all the latest trends in wearing a lehenga without a dupatta. Many celebrities also break the rule of lehenga dupatta and style a lehenga in a unique way, without a dupatta. The lehenga without dupatta is also made with a different dress, crop top. Girls choose this more compared to a lehenga with a dupatta.

Here are some Tips to Elevate your Look with a Crop top Lehenga without a Dupatta

1. Saas it up with a Statement Blouse

When you search to wear a lehenga in a unique way, without a dupatta. A statement blouse will always be on the top of the list, and also take your focus away from your bold choice, to not wearing a dupatta in an Indian wedding. You wear a statement blouse and a lehenga with some classy jewelry and also add a belt to your lehenga to make this look super bossy and classy.

2. Beauty and the Blazer

If you are a person that likes to look daring or bossy all the time, also in a wedding function and you love to change fashion. Then must try this trend in winter weddings, wearing a lehenga with blazers. You can choose a dark-colored blazer with a light-colored lehenga and add some classy jewelry like shape earrings and a simple pendant necklace or you should wear boots on this dress that make you look perfectly daring.

3. Drama up Your Sleeve

For a dance lover, who wants to dance the whole night at a wedding but also thinks about how to manage their lehenga’s dupatta, then here is the solution: you choose a full-on voluminous sleeve that looks like a dupatta but is not stuck in someone’s jewelry. The voluminous sleeves that reach your legs, look like a fairy dress. To complete this voluminous sleeves crop top look, add light jewelry and heels to make this fairy look.

4. Contemporary Twist with Crop Tops

Nowadays, crop tops are ranked at the top in girls’ fashion and it’s a unique goodness of crop tops that you can pair with anything, it always looks perfect with everything. To overcome the problem of dupatta, wear a crop top with a lehenga and this communication is loved by everyone. If you love to add a Western touch to Indian dress then a crop top with lehenga is the ultimate choice for you. You choose a printed lehenga with a plain crop top and statement jewelry that complete your indo-western look.

5. Steal the Spotlight with a Knotted Shirt

If you love to wear the shirt then you must try this knotted shirt with the lehenga trend. That solves your dupatta problem and gives an indo-western look. You can easily dance with this combination and also highlight you in the function. You choose a printed or golden knotted shirt with a simple lehenga.

6. Rescued by Shrugs and Jackets

Wearing backless and sleeveless is challenging in winter weddings. But if you want to look fabulous and different then try lehenga with shrugs and jackets. Choice according to your taste, because jackets and shrugs come in different varieties. Wear a lehenga with a jacket, perfectly ditch the dupatta, and make you stand out in the crowd. This is a perfect trend to wear in winter weddings.

7. Charm with Elegant Neck Pieces

Wearing your lehenga with a heavy neckpiece can also be a solid reason to leave a dupatta at home. Choose polki and choker jewelry with your beautiful lehenga.

Some Tips for Wearing a Crop Top Lehenga Without a Dupatta

Choose the Right Crop Top- When you decide to wear a crop top with a lehenga you must remember that your crop top fits well and is comfortable. There are many varieties of crop tops like halter necks, Spaghetti straps, and off-shoulder tops, so choose according to your body shape or lehenga design.

Choose Complimentary Statement Jewelry- Jewelry plays a prime role in every dress, and statement jewelry ditches the place of a dupatta in your lehenga. So choose jewelry according to your lehenga, if you wear simple work lehenga then choose Kundan and heavy jewelry that makes you classy.

Consider Your Footwear- After focusing on your outfit, don’t forget to choose the right footwear according to your lehenga. For example, if you carry a heavy work lehenga then choose comfortable valleys and if you wear a bright-colored lehenga then choose neutral-colored footwear, and opposite wear a neutral-colored lehenga then carry bright-colored footwear.

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