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All Indian women should have a festival saree as part of their wardrobe because India is rich in diversity and has many festivals. Many Indian sarees are worn by women in India to represent the spirit and importance of the festival. So look your best this festival season with traditional sarees. With the specific festival sarees, new trends continuously keep coming up in Indian ethnic wear, making the festival saree collection more and more glamorous and matching the needs of the age.

Most of these sarees come in vibrant sparkling fabrics like silk saree, satin, georgette, brocade whereas others are soothing and lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chiffon. No matter the fabric, all the trending festival sarees feature unique designs, cuts, or embellishments that make them the most fitting outfits for festive celebrations.

Let’s have a look at these amazing sarees and look your best this festival season with traditional sarees:

1) Silk Saree


This stunning outfit is unlike any other. Silk sarees are a symbol of royal splendor. Sarees are loved by everyone. Silk sarees can be worn in a variety of shades to give you the look of youth. Indian silk sarees have a reputation for being beautiful and bursting with color. These sarees have been a staple of Indian women’s wardrobes for centuries. The luxurious, expensive sarees of silk are a must-have for any festival or event.

2) Georgette Sarees


Georgette sarees are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day out, a formal event, or even work. Because of its falling nature, it is easy to wrap the fabric or drape it all around the body. This gives it the perfect shape. They are elegant and trendy. They are loved by many women because of the soft texture of the georgette fabric. The georgette sarees can be quite costly, but they are durable and last a long time without shrinking.

3) Cotton Sarees


This saree has the best comfort rating of all sarees. This saree can be worn for long periods of time. This saree can be called the summer saree. It is the best saree for summer. This saree is lightweight and easy to use. You can always choose an embellishing style of blouses for cotton silk sarees. Mix and match is a favorite feature of runway trends. The best companion for the wardrobe is cotton sarees, especially in these times when women are embracing all things cotton.

4) Net Sarees


Net sarees tend to be more fashion-oriented. Because of its transparency, it is the most popular type of saree material among girls. Net sarees are a great choice for women who want to show off their beauty during festivals and weddings. They are elegant and stunning and have a modern feel. Their beauty is enhanced with embroidery, stone, or print work. You can now shop online for net sarees in our exclusive designer collection to give your woman a stunning and beautiful look.

6) Lycra Sarees

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Lycra sarees are one of the most breathable fabrics. This saree elegantly highlights your body. Lycra sarees are worn to showcase your best style sense. The lycra saree, made of soft fabric that allows the skin to breathe, is an essential piece for any Indian ethnic wear wardrobe. These enchanting sarees come in many styles and designs.

6) Satin Sarees


Women all across India wear satin sarees at festivals, parties, and formal events. They are flashy and brighten up any occasion. Satin sarees were traditionally worn by women in cities, but slowly it is being adopted in villages and towns. Satin is a high-luster fabric with a shiny surface. Its backside is usually dull. It is expensive to make satin from silk, so synthetic fibers were created.

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