Tips to Style Lehenga Sarees Perfectly

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Lehenga-style sarees are one of the most comfortable and unique Indian clothes that allow women to appear trendy. Nowadays women don’t have time to dress their sarees and also seek the simplistic replacement of the same. So here know the tips to style Lehenga Sarees perfectly to look stunning on any occasion and function.

In today’s era, there are plenty of traditional choices to opt to make sure you look the most elegant, however, lehengas and sarees tend to be the most sought-after options for the majority during the season of weddings since they are equally elegant traditional, and imperial. If you’re torn between wearing on the lehenga or the saree, then a lehenga and saree are the best options to choose.

What is a Lehenga Saree?

A Lehenga-style saree is a semi-stitched dress that is divided into several parts. This is because the skirt component that can discern that it actually does aid in identifying that it’s a lehenga saree. Therefore, it is the most important element of the entire ensemble. A lehenga saree is made into a mermaid-style or A-line cut or a flared cut. Whatever design you choose it is one element that can’t be missed: pleats stitched onto the skirt.

Another aspect that will help you distinguish between a lehenga saree, as well as a saree lehenga, is that the pallu is also stitched onto part of the skirt. On the other, it is left free to allow women to put it on easily over a shoulder.


Here Know The Tips to Style Lehenga Sarees Perfectly:

1) Don’t Ignore Your Body Type

A lehenga-style saree should be dressed according to your physique as it will make you feel more at ease. Every woman has their own body type and there’s it is not a requirement that each style is right for your body. Thus, choose the perfect piece, identify your body type, and put on your lehenga saree in that manner.

2) Choose Your Blouse Wisely

The blouse is a crucial part of defining the look of lehenga-style sarees. It defines the pallu the sexiness of this attire. A more fuller-coverage style at the neckline, as well as a stylish look at the back, will allow you to look more attractive. It creates an aesthetically pleasing look more attractive. It is also possible to experiment with different designs for your sleeves. To create a chic look choose an elbow-length shirt.

3) Don’t Choose A Lehenga Style Saree With Too Many Details

Lehenga-style sarees can be found in a myriad of designs and styles. They are distinct in look and most of the time the bottom half is adorned with a variety of embroideries. However, if you’re looking for an elegant look, opt for simplicity. Make sure to keep one part basic and the other one more substantial. It’s a great combination.

4) Avoid an Unbalanced Pallu Drop

Traditional sarees’ looks cannot be complete without a pallu. That is why we require a pallu in this Lehenga fashion saree. It should be worn correctly. It is important to determine the drape, as this attire doesn’t come with stitched pallu. Proper placement of the pallu will define your overall appearance.

5) Try Contrast in Top and Bottom

Do not ruin the look of lehenga-style sarees by opting for the same hue. Simply attempt to create an obvious contrast between the two pieces. You could choose to get this dress in two colors or simply play with the blouse color. Also, contrasting footwear can make a big difference.


How To Wear Lehenga Saree

1) The Classic Drape

The traditional drape is a common and simple style, but beautiful nevertheless. To achieve this look, grab one side of the lehenga or saree dupatta and fold it down the length. Pin the pleated area to the left shoulder, while leaving the larger fabric to the front. Take the flowing edge from the front towards the back and wrap the blouse around and then lehenga. Move it to your left and tuck it to your waistline. You can change this look by wearing a smaller Dupatta on your arms or by putting it over your head.

2) The Casual Drape

This style of draping your saree is ideal if you wish to showcase the exquisite details and chic designs of the dress. Put one side of the dupatta onto the left side from your waist. Untie it, then bring it over the right side of your shoulder, from behind. Make sure to secure it with pins to the shoulder and hang it to the front, on the right.

3) The Bracelet Drape

This way of styling lehenga sarees is a variant of the drape that is casual. Choose one side of the dupatta or lehenga saree, and pin it to the shoulder on the right side, leaving behind a longer section. Make a pleat from the longer portion, draw it over the left side. Wrap it around the wrist to form an anklet and secure it by using pins.

4) The Hanging U Drape

This is the most glamorous diva look. It’s a great way to display your naked back and draw attention to the intricately embellished dupatta. Pleat one side of the dupatta to secure it on the left shoulder and leave more of it in the back. The front portion of the dupatta, and pin on the backside of the waist. Take the end of the longer piece, fold it tightly, then secure it on the right side at the waist. This creates a U-shaped form in the back. It should hang at a good distance beneath the hip.

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