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All the Indian attires are fabulous, but nothing really matches the beauty and charm of a saree. Sarees are the quintessence of elegance and grace for Indian women and look stunning on every occasion. There are numerous kinds of elegant sarees, and silk saree is one of them. The word Silk in itself conjures feelings of resplendent and richness in our mind immediately. The Indian silk sarees is known for its heritage and traditional silk sarees you must have in your wardrobe. From a simple occasion to a grand party, you never go wrong with a silk saree.

The attractively shining, opulent, and smooth fabric of silk has a special place in the mind and heart of all the women not only in India but all over the globe. Silk sarees are worth grasping and achieve a high dose of style and fashion. In every special occasion in India silk sarees plays a major role, they mainly wear on parties, weddings and also considered as the bridal wear. The primary reason for the popularity of silk is its versatility. Silk is a natural protein fabric, and there are numerous variants of silk.

Silk saree is a symbol of our culture and so much more than its entire nine yards. The grace, elegance, culture, tradition, and modernity are all available in silk saree. It is not surprising that this elegant piece of the outfit comes in a wide range of styles and designs, but you will be amazed at the perfect grace and beauty of varieties of silk that we have in our vast country.

Here The Collection Of Some Traditional Silk Sarees You Must Have In Your Wardrobe:

1) Banarasi Silk Saree 


Banarasi silk saree is one of the traditional silk saree you must have in your wardrobe. The Banarasi silk saree is a saree manufactured in Varanasi, also known as Banaras. The Banarasi silk sarees are elegant sarees and are known for their fine silk, silver, and gold zari or brocade and opulent embroidery work. With reveled designs and Mughal motifs, these stunning sarees never fail to leave their mark. Banarasi Silk saree is a perfect variant of silk.

2) Chanderi Silk Saree


Chanderi silk saree is an amazing silk saree that is emerging from the heart of India- Madhya Pradesh. The chanderi silk saree are immensely light and easy to carry due to the humid and hot weather in the state. These silk sarees are basically woven with stunning motifs such as peacocks, traditional coins, chanderi temples, and many more. Chanderi silk manufactured from three kinds of fabric, such as chanderi cotton, pure silk, and silk cotton.

3) Pathani Silk Saree


Pathani silk saree is also an enchanting silk saree that gives the classy look. The Pathani silk saree are made from the perfect silk in Paithan town in Aurangabad. These sarees reveals the richness of Maharashtra. Paithani silk sarees mostly come in bright shades like magenta, green, purple, peacock blue, dark blue, and many more. The golden borders of Pathani silk sarees have fabulous natural patterns and designs of birds, animals.

4) Cotton Silk Saree


Cotton Silk saree is another classy form of silk sarees. This silk saree is a hybrid made by blending silk and cotton yarns. Cotton silk sarees, also known as Cot Silk, is a perfect option for sarees because it is a low maintenance fabric that also looks rich. The texture of cotton silk sarees depends on the amount of each type of yarn used throughout production. Cotton silk sarees are light-weight, permeable, soft fabric perfect for the summer season.

5) Raw Silk Saree


Raw silk saree is a stunning kind of silk variant manufacture from the most natural form of silk. A raw silk saree is usually plain with its contrasting border. The material raw silk saree is a little bit rigid and less shiny as compared to the other sarees. The raw silk saree are comfortable, relaxable, and easy to carry and wear. Basically, the raw silk saree is an unrefined form of silk that has a slightly rough texture.

6) Georgette Silk Saree


The georgette silk saree is also the traditional silk sarees you must have in your wardrobe. It is a combination of georgette and silk fabric. The blend of georgette and silk fabric are very relax and comfortable for women in traditional events. Georgette silk saree offers the elegant and stunning look while wearing on any occasion, and they are easy to carry and wear.

To get a classy and stunning look in sarees, you must pick any of the elegant sarees from the above collection. These traditional sarees you must have in your wardrobe, and the wedding and grand celebration are the perfect way to flaunt these sarees.

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